Saturday, June 29, 2019

029 - #blogjune - Let the chips fall where they may.

"Murder is like potato chips: you can't stop with just one." - Stephen King

Song of the day:
"Potato Chips, high crunchy, crunchy
Potato Chips, crunch, crunchy, crunchy
Crunch, crunch, crunch, I don't want no lunch

All I want is potato chips"

- Slim Gaillard and his Baker's Dozen

BAG to the future...

In my life I have collected many things, but my empty chip bag collection must be one of the weirdest. It really all started when we were doing some chip bag designs at the art academy. It all began as research. Back in 1997, the local Whakatane newspaper agreed it was an interesting collection and did an article about me and my bags. Since then I have added a large chunk of my over 100+ chippie bag collection on the Flickr website:

This site is easily found online and I have had several people contact me over the years, with questions about the bags. A fellow collector of packaging here in New Zealand contacted me several years ago. He wanted to buy my NZ section of the collection. I thought it was an interesting proposal and decided to go ahead with it. We met at a local cafe and I handed over the box of bags in exchange for money. It felt like some kinda drug deal.  I did however keep my Dutch bags and some other international ones. The site has had a reasonable amount of views, I kept them online because most people seem to enjoy the nostalgic side of finding the packaging of their favourite bag of chips.

Wether it's Crispy CHIPS or CRISPS opening a new bag is like "CHRISPMAS"!

In the English language people refer to them more as Crisps, probably because of the confusion with the classic English "Fish and Chips".  I have always been a fan of the paprika flavoured chips back in Holland - a taste I never really found here in NZ. Over the years, many of the chips I did like, disappeared out of the shops and to be honest, my overall consumption has gone down to an extreme low. I might get a bag if the the design appeals to me, but with online shopping these days that impulse buying is not the same anymore.

HAM CHEESE - two tastes in one snack!

This week I got an email from a Dutch radio station (VARA) - they had a question about a particular bag from 1989. They wanted to know about an ingredient change from the content. I emailed them back "the back of the bag" - but sadly back then they weren't as detailed as they are now. I do hope they get something out of my reply and maybe it will get me a bag of chips from Holland in return! More chip bag themed blogs in the future - stay tuned!


  1. My Dad was a grocer so seeing all these chips made me think of the shelves in our shop here in Patea - thank you.

    1. Cool, there have been some pretty cool designs over the years.