Saturday, June 1, 2019

004 - BONUS BLOG - Journals


When I was nine years old I traveled with my wonderful grandmother to Canada and America. That year, 1977, is when I started my first ever journal. Since then I have kept regular hand written journals - sometimes with large gaps in between.  It is, however, such a joy to grab a volume and look back at 40+ years of memories. Places I have been to, people I have met. The good times, the bad times - pages filled with dreams and hopes - stories about friends and family.

Most of them are in Dutch, having grown up in Holland and only having moved to New Zealand in 1992. Some I have started to translate over time, but time is limited and do you spend some if it re-wording your life in English or focus on the "here and now" and write new chapters...

- new stories....

My passion project is to create a comic book version of my life.
To take these 50 years of memories and somehow condense them into five volumes, that cover 10 years of journals each. By the time I get to it there will probably be a 6th volume!

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