Friday, June 7, 2019

010 #blogjune - In space, no one can hear you scream.

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action” Ian Fleming 

My first idea for a blog, was to write about my favourite painting "THE SCREAM" - Then I thought about doing it about ALIENS (the movies)... (( don't worry - I will get to those two in later blogs)) but when I started to type the title, the number 007 gave me another idea... so, .... Cue the Bond theme music.

It always bothered me that it had the Bond 007 logo on the front!
Oh... and I am talking about the OLD Bonds ... and even more so the Roger Moore era. That was my Bond time. I was about 10 years old when I saw my first one at the cinema, The Spy Who Loved Me and I sure loved the spy movies back! I asked and asked my mum to get the famous Lotus Esprit car, the underwater model and to this day it still sits on a shelf in my house.  Along with the space shuttle from Moonraker (1979). It was actually the first movie to feature the modern space shuttle. In those early teenage years was a such big space nerd (I still have a recording of the actual launch of the first shuttle in 1981 on a tape somewhere!). Moonraker came out as a reaction to the success of Star Wars, it bumped "For Your Eyes Only" into the 12th Bond movie to be released. For me this became the ultimate Bond. My first ever solo movie, because really I wanted to see it before we went on our big family holiday to the USA that summer. I liked it SO much I even decorated my journal with it. On the American trip I even bought one of the comics based on the movie.

Bond and Beyond. 
To this day a corner of my work area is dedicated to James Bond, with books, posters and die-cast models.
People always like to argue about who the best Bond was, most of them would say, the original: Sean Connery.  For me, Timothy Dalton didn't quite hit the spot and Pierce Brosnan was okay, yet kinda forgettable, The more recent Daniel Craig outings have certainly been entertaining, but my heart will always belong to the spy of the 70s and 80s, with the humour and gadgets and of course who can forget the baddies like JAWS (Richard Kiel)

What will the future bond be like, will we get a black Bond, a female Bond? A black female Bond? Or is the whole Bond genre something we should just leave behind, to enjoy for what it was. Do we really need physical spies in the field, when basically our devices are doing the job.  

Some days it is just nice to read an old comic book with a strong black coffee (shaken not stirred)!


  1. So now Bond music is stuck in my head....

    1. Most Bond songs are pretty cool - I had a tape with all the bond themes as a teenager that I played over and over. "For your eyes only" remains one of my fav Bond songs.