Sunday, April 26, 2020


It’s the final day of New Zealand’s LEVEL 4 isolation LOCKDOWN…
After 33 days in this ‘LEVEL 4 bubble’, it’s almost time to ‘wrap it up’.
- our new level 3 bubble ‘the recovery room’, will finally give me the option to go back to the beach!
We will still practice social distancing as a nation.

“Activities must be safe” – I will make sure to keep 2 metres away
from anybody not in my level 3 bubble – I will stay ‘exclusive’!

As a writer and an artist, who has battled with social anxiety for quite some time, the beaches, parks, gardens, and stunning mountain of Taranaki have given me inspiration on a daily basis.
Over the years I have found that art as a therapy can be so valuable in navigating the path of anxiety. It has allowed me to express myself nonverbally, moving away from personal thoughts in order to see a more visual expression of any given situation. This act of creative expression connected me as an artist with my inner sense of vitality and replenished my soul. Even though I often preferred the safety of our home and my creative space, it has been important to spend that time in nature to re-energise. Just picking up rocks on the beach, finding that piece of driftwood or taking a photo of a sunrise above the cliffs of Taranaki made life a bit easier.

Throughout my life it has been my goal to publish my first novel, having been passionate about writing since I was quite young, creating my own comic book stories and capturing my inner thoughts through journal entries and other forms of art. I went from writing for school newspapers to ACTUAL newspapers, later on in life. One other thing that has always helped me throughout my life is creating doodles!

With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, the restrictions on not being able to visit the local beaches and parks put a further strain on my mental health. It had been hard enough to build up my confidence towards releasing myfirst novel ‘Cul-de-Shock’ earlier in the 2020, but after receiving positive feedback and reviews, I decided to use this time during this lockdown more productively and get started on my second book in the Tarquin ‘SHOCK-trilogy’.  I can proudly say that my second novel is now in the editing stages, before being released soon on Amazon both in print and eBook format.

Dealing with Anxiety in my 2020 bubble.

Alongside this novel, I decided to also write a poetry eBook "COVIDIOTIQ"; a selection of poems, plus three short stories, which I wrote during the lockdown as a way of coping with my feelings. I have dedicated it to all the people who stayed in their bubbles and saved their world and ours, as well as all the essential workers that worked tirelessly to keep us alive. It’s now available on Amazon to download. I have put it on at the lowest price they would allow, so it can be available to as many people as possible.

Here’s one of the poems from my latest eBook:

We are all in this together
No one less, or no one better
No one happier or sadder
Not much saner or any madder
All of us on an island, small
Only Together or, not at all

We are all whanau, friends or mates
No matter how entangled are our fates
How opposite some souls might seem
We're all part of the same team
So, as in sport, support your nation
While we slowly crawl from isolation.

Thursday, February 20, 2020


I have covered book covers before ( Link to previous BLOQ) 
- but this year I have actually created quite a few book covers myself ...

Like the photographic poetry books; CAPITAL Q (poems about Wellington),POETREE (my poetry book about trees) and the FREE photo book (on ISSUU) about the 2019 A&P Show in Hawera.

Then - of course - (blowing my own trumpet)... there was the design for my own cover. It went through a few stages, but in the end I have chosen a collage of two photos I took. One of a tree (from our garden btw) and one of a road marking.  It's symbolic of the duality between trees and roads...  for me it's like the road to heaven, the 'road' to the Grand Old Dame, that Mickey D thought of as her own Cul-de-Sac...

It also represents the location where the 'Bowie Babies' had their first driving lesson and their first kill (oops, spoiler), shaping them into who they became.

Here is a peek at some of the earlier ideas for the book cover of 'CUL-DE-SHOCK'

Author, Illustrator/Cartoonist,  Photographer, Blogger.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

The 'WRITE' time ;)

It has been a bit quiet with no writing on my BloQ for a while.
That's because I have been busy… WRITING!
I always wanted to write a novel. In the past I have written short stories, articles, reviews (books, films, games) and many comic strips and cartoons. I have created text for websites, packaging, posters, flyers. Produced poems and wrote in my journal since 1980 (okay, there was a USA travel journal in 1977). I even wrote a whole screenplay for a movie as a teeanager. Writing has always been a passion and I enjoy playing with words. So, I decided it was time to write and publish my very first novel. 

Along the way, I also created some photo books and poetry bundles. A few of them have already made it online (Amazon and Issuu) alongside my novel; Cul-de-SHOCK.

It has been an exciting process, filled with weird coincidences and life imitating art.

I am very thankful to my dear wife, Debbie, who read each chapter as it was written and was instrumental in the editing of my book. After all, English is my second language,  so there were plenty of weird grammar issues to be solved.

The book, as I wrote it, seemed to live its own life …
The way it transformed from a simple idea of a killer who targets cul-de-sacs to the 300 page first adventure of Tarquin and Maddy. The music of David Bowie (one of my favourite artists) became the soundtrack of the story and parts of my own personal experiences were interwoven into this fictional novel of twisting Taranaki tales.

Throughout this venture, we still worked on our other projects and also managed to get out into nature to achieve a work/life balance. We also worked on the layout and cover design of our friend Justine's first novel, that Debbie was fortunate to edit as well. Which raised the question, why not start our own publishing company…  eQuBe Publishing. We designed the logo, got business cards printed, created a website - and if we weren't busy enough - let's add a free online local ART magazine into the mix. 

Introducing QUBE!
An exciting new project that will be showcasing
all the local Taranaki talent in a digital bi-monthly format.

These are some of the reasons why this BloQ hasn't been populated for a while.


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Click here for your FREE copy of the QUBE magazine