Monday, June 17, 2019

018 #blogjune - Lemme tell ya something, bustin' makes me feel good

“The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited.”
Stephen King

"If there's something weird
And it don't look good

Who you gonna call? (Ghostbusters)"
One volatile year spread out over two journals

 1984 was an another "interesting" year - I was living in an attic room above the appartment of my mother's new partner's daughter (nobody else seemed to have space for a teenage boy) At the time I did my best to go to school each morning. Half way through the year I moved from The Hague to Leiden, where my mum and her new little old man friend had a new place. New school, new friends, new problems. That's a whole new chapter of drama (
who controls the past, controls the future), worthy of a novel. As always though, there were many movies to escape into. And what a year for movies it was...

One of the stand-out movies that year would have been:
GHOSTBUSTERS!!! I loved everything about it - from the poster, the logo, THE SONG and of course all the ghosts and creatures. Over the years I got myself a cool Marshmellow man statue and a small Ghostbusters car (
Ecto-1). The sequels weren't great, the animated series I never really watched and the female remake was just disappointing. But the original was just excellent and the song ALWAYS makes me smile when I hear it. 

The other 1984 movie that inspired me and spawned several figurines in my collection is Gremlins! Who doesn't like the little Mogwai and its mean counterpart, Stripe. Such a cool creature. I always really wanted a big Gremlin - so when I saw the large version on display at the local cinema I just had to take a photo with it. It was also very exciting to visit one of the physical sets of Gremlins movie during my VIP tour of Universal Studios in 2014. Of course the main excitement for visiting this location was that my other all time favourite movie was filmed there as well: BACK TO THE FUTURE (more about that one in the future).

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