Monday, November 16, 2020

031 - Thinking outside the QUBE

Okay, so 2020 has been quite a ride - and we still have some weeks left (SIX to be exact). I have been meaning to blog more, but life seemed like one big BLUR -
> EAT -  SLEEP -

There are always cool things to write about though, like how I am working hard on the third novel of my SHOCK-trilogy and there are plenty of other interesting projects I have been working on that I will talk about in later blogs.

My new author Instagram has been growing steadily - with over 1900 followers this morning. I have met some interesting people through IG chat from all over the world and it is great to share a passion for reading and books.

With our publishing company eQuBe, I have also managed to create another QUBE magazine and a new project: COMIQ. The latter is to be a pop-culture related project - a bit like an extension of this blog, but placed in a digital magazine.

That gives you a bit of an update as to some of the projects I have been working on. I am hoping to start blogging more regularly again. With summer not far away here in New Zealand, I usually wake up very early and will do my best to use that time writing a blog about something. Or maybe even a vlog or two?

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