Saturday, June 5, 2021

038 - #blogjune 04 - Where did Friday go?







 “Where did Friday go?” 
- eRiQ

Song of the Blog:
“Thursday goes too slow (bah-oom)
I've got Friday on my mind

- David Bowie

Friday I went to the beach - because our car had come back from the mechanic and I wanted to go and film some bits for another VLOG - here it is:
(click on the image if you dare)

Going to the Beach

Plus my sixth vlog as well - because tecnically I am typing this on Saturday - -

(( heck I am confused what day it is ))

I don't know if people are actually enjoying these daily blogs, to be honest this first week has been a bit of a hectic one... with vlogging AND work etc. But I guess I should at least do my best to keep this tradition going and next week I will have a more structured schedule to fit in a more decent blog.  With the crazy winter weather and no car for most of the week, it was nice to get out there again and enjoy the Taranaki coastline.

Mr. Q signing off for another day of #blogjune!

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