Wednesday, June 2, 2021

036 - #blogjune 02 - Rocks, vlogs and beaches





 “Be still as a rock and you will see which way the tide flows.” 
- Anthony T. Hincks

Song of the Blog:
I am a rock - I am an island
And a rock feels no pain
And an island never cries

- Simon & Garfunkel

If you know me, you know I love rocks. Going to the local beach, looking for them - taking photos and or stacking them is like a form of meditation for me. Just me and the rocks. Maybe I then become one with the rocks and feel no pain. That is of course unless one of them falls on my head, which with these Taranaki cliffs is always possible. I have actually witnessed a big rock slide one morning as I walked on the beach. That puts things in perspective and makes you respect nature and its forces.

The third vlog of #vlogweek is up on YouTube as we speak, the first two got about 90 and 60 views - so I know at least SOMEONE is watching them. I don't create them for the views, it's just a fun thing to do - but it is nice to see there's an audience out there beyond my 27 subscribers. I should promote it more on my Instagram account this week, as over there I have over 4000 followers.
Not bad for 50+ Dutch Kiwi Author/illustrator/photographer/art director

When I saw the horse faces on James Bond in the Kikker Comics vlog, it reminded me of all the fun apps that I have used over the years. Last week, I finally had a go at REEFACE. A great app for fun face swapping, highly addictive. I placed my face on James Bond, but I didn't recognize myself at all. And I just had to do one with the vlog-father, Michael. If this vlogchallenge was like  the series FRIENDS, he would be Joey. Check out the vlog for the clips!

Meanwhile if you are thinking of sending me something for my birthday in September make sure you send it way ahead of time. I am still waiting for an EPPO magazine that was send to me weeks ago. I am hoping to review it once it gets here, but I am not sure if it will make the #vlogweek series.

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