Monday, February 17, 2020

The 'WRITE' time ;)

It has been a bit quiet with no writing on my BloQ for a while.
That's because I have been busy… WRITING!
I always wanted to write a novel. In the past I have written short stories, articles, reviews (books, films, games) and many comic strips and cartoons. I have created text for websites, packaging, posters, flyers. Produced poems and wrote in my journal since 1980 (okay, there was a USA travel journal in 1977). I even wrote a whole screenplay for a movie as a teeanager. Writing has always been a passion and I enjoy playing with words. So, I decided it was time to write and publish my very first novel. 

Along the way, I also created some photo books and poetry bundles. A few of them have already made it online (Amazon and Issuu) alongside my novel; Cul-de-SHOCK.

It has been an exciting process, filled with weird coincidences and life imitating art.

I am very thankful to my dear wife, Debbie, who read each chapter as it was written and was instrumental in the editing of my book. After all, English is my second language,  so there were plenty of weird grammar issues to be solved.

The book, as I wrote it, seemed to live its own life …
The way it transformed from a simple idea of a killer who targets cul-de-sacs to the 300 page first adventure of Tarquin and Maddy. The music of David Bowie (one of my favourite artists) became the soundtrack of the story and parts of my own personal experiences were interwoven into this fictional novel of twisting Taranaki tales.

Throughout this venture, we still worked on our other projects and also managed to get out into nature to achieve a work/life balance. We also worked on the layout and cover design of our friend Justine's first novel, that Debbie was fortunate to edit as well. Which raised the question, why not start our own publishing company…  eQuBe Publishing. We designed the logo, got business cards printed, created a website - and if we weren't busy enough - let's add a free online local ART magazine into the mix. 

Introducing QUBE!
An exciting new project that will be showcasing
all the local Taranaki talent in a digital bi-monthly format.

These are some of the reasons why this BloQ hasn't been populated for a while.


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Click here for your FREE copy of the QUBE magazine

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