Saturday, June 22, 2019

022 - #blogjune - The shortest Blog

"The shortest answer is doing." -  George Herbert

Song of the day:
"There comes a time,
When we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one."

- We are the world

We've just had our shortest day (hooray - we are on the train to spring-ville!). This will also be the shortest blog, just because this is my busiest week, work wise. There will probably be more of these shorter ones this week. I do hope my previous daily blogs have been enjoyable. I think we all could be adding a bit more positivity into our writings. The way the world is going, we sure need more positive media. Today (22 June) is "Positive Media Day".

"There is too much hatred, fear, and attacking that goes on every day. If this negativity continues, people will believe that this is how our world is and will always be. The moment we begin perpetuating that negative behavior is the moment we begin to lose as a society. Positive Media Day is the day to be inspired and uplifted throughout your news feeds and the mainstream media. There is too much good happening and not enough recognition for that good. If we can propel positivity into mainstream media, just for one day, we can change the status quo and begin to shift our global sentiment."

We are all ONE - let's be happy and enjoy our life together, without judgement, fear, anger, hate - let's just embrace LOVE and live in harmony. It can begin with just a blog! Reach out to people, leave a comment if you like what you see. React, reflect, re-connect.


  1. Yes. Love and kindenss, not rules and judgement. Namaste.

    1. We can't rule out judgement all together though, as then we aren't we judgemental towards rules?